Dear colleagues,

The Association of Religion Data Archive ( is building a database of measures of religiosity, building on the work that Peter Hill and Ralph Hood undertook in their book Measures of Religiosity (Religious Education Press 1999). When completed, the resource will make available the scales themselves, and also information about the constriction, validation, and use of the scales. More ambitiously, in the spirit of open data, we also want the ARDA to host or link to data that researchers can re-analyse, whether to replicate findings or to test novel hypotheses. 

Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit relevant data files or links to data files in repositories (e.g., We are most interested in files that include the scores for each scale item, as well as demographic information such as sex, age, and religious affiliation. If you would prefer to submit minimal data files, you may choose only to include this variables: scale items, age, sex, and religious affiliation. Please also indicate if this dataset has been used in any publications. In this initial phase of this ambitious effort, we are looking for data sets containing one or more of the following scales:

The Spiritual Well-Being Scale (Paloutzian & Ellison 1982)

The Intrinsic\Extrinsic-Revised Scale (Gorsuch & McPherson, 1989) 

The Duke University Religion Index (DUREL; Koenig & Büssing 2010)

The Brief Religious Coping Scale (RCOPE; Pargament et al 1998, 2011)

Religious and Spiritual Struggles Scale (Exline et al 2014) 

For more information, or to submit links or data sets in .xlsx format, please contact Dr Jonathan Jong (

Thank you,

Jonathan Jong, PhD.

Peter C. Hill, PhD.

Ralph W. Hood, PhD.

Kevin A. Harris, PhD.